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As an arrowless archer you have to climb a mountain. The only way to do that though, is to shoot weapons into the walls with your bow, so you can jump on top of them and climb up.
Now there is one problem: these weapons are owned by mean orcs, who amuse themselfes by throwing their euqipment at you. Are you skilled enough to dodge these unconventional  projectiles or even to grab them out of the air? We will see.

Extra Info

This game was made for the GMTK GameJam. It received an honorable mention!

(Timestamp - 2:50)

Character Design - Jaqueline Eder
Sound Design - Markus Klaus-Eder
Original Music used - Peter Crowley
Everything else (idea, design, coding, Unity, etc.) - Nicolas Eder


Arrowless Archer.zip 36 MB


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Just saw this on the GMTK video! Any chance for a Mac build?


Here you go :) Hope it works!